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Poly and perfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) have become ubiquitous in the environment and are now targets of interest in food safety and consumer products. 


Chiron is a leader in the production of high purity, fully characterized PFAS standards and materials for use in the most stringent research and regulatory analyses. Chiron standards have the highest level of purity and analytical rigor for all our customer's needs. 


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Our PFAS Portfolio 

  • Highest purity materials and standards for research and testing 
  • Hard to source unique PFAS compounds; including labeled compounds 
  • Large catalog of PFAS compounds for testing and research 

More PFAS products on the way in 2024! 

About Chiron 

  • Easy to use – concentrations corrected for the presence of salts 
  • Manufactured in an ISO 17025 and ISO 17934 accredited facility 
  • Ask about our purification, synthesis and custom solutions 

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