Ethanol (Alcohol) Standards

Alcohol (ethanol) is one of the oldest and most commonly consumed recreational drugs. Self-reporting of alcohol consumption is objective and inherently unreliable. This has led to an intensive search for reliable markers of chronic, excessive drinking.


The detection of ethanol in biological specimens indicates recent alcohol consumption or exposure, but the detection window is very short.


Alcohol biomarkers can be used to extend the window of time for detection and can persist long after complete elimination of ethanol. In this way they are useful relapse or abstinence markers.

Featured Products:
EtG and EtS
PEth (16:0/18:1)-13C3 NH4*
PEth (16:0/18:1)-glycero-d5 NH4*
BHB-d4 Na salt


Ethanol related RMs:
Neat and calibrated solutions
Native and isotopically labelled compounds
Ethanol and biomarker standards
Chemically synthesized PEth
Alcohol detoxification therapeutics
Congener alcohol mixes


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