BMF 104 - NBOMes

N-Benzyl phenethylamines (NBOMes) are a class of new psychoactive substances (NPS) that have been appearing on the recreational drug market since the 2010s.


NBOMes are most commonly found on blotting papers, on which individual doses are absorbed. They have also appeared in liquid and in powder form.


NBOMes have been associated with severe intoxications, leading to tachycardia and cardiac arrest, intense hallucinations, organ failure, coma and even death. 


Side effects of NBOMes include:


Altered consciousness
Enhanced visual and auditory
Agitation and paranoia


Chiron's issue of BMF 104 provides awareness of the applications, concerns and regulations associated with NBOMes and introduces the available reference materials to monitor their use.


Download BMF 104 - NBOMes.