Reference Materials for Water Analysis

Access to clean and safe water is essential for our global community. Less than 1% of the planet’s water is usable as drinking water, yet there is increasing demand due to population growth.  Sources for fresh water are ground and surface waters.

Our drinking water needs to be free from harmful pollutants to ensure public health. Therefore, it ishighly regulated in the industrialised world. Public water suppliers must regularly demonstrate that their water meets certain standards to ensure public trust. Drinking water is usually analysed for primary (e.g. toxic substances from various sources) and secondary contaminants (e.g. taste, smell).

Not only drinking water needs to be monitored. Controlling municipal wastewater treatment plants as well as industrial wastewater ensures quality and sustainability of our ground water. This industry, as well as agricultural industry all over the world is dependent on reliable water supply.

Chiron offers a large variety of organic reference materials for water analysis, including pharmaceuticals and persistent organic pollutants (POPs).


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