Chiron Product no.: 10420.16 - Cas.No.: 2894-68-0 - Sold as 1000µg base/mL in 1mL Methanol or a Neat compound - 10mg

Forensics and Drug/Pharma metabolites - Benzodiazepines


Diclazepam (CAS 2894-68-0), otherwise known as chlorodiazepam, is the 2’-chloro analogue of diazepam. It has similar effects, although reportedly 10 times the potency of diazepam. It was first synthesised by Hoffman-La Roche in the 1960’s, but is considered a ‘novel’ uncontrolled benzodiazepine by those working in the new psychoactive substance (NPS) field. The EMCDDA were first notified of Diclazepam in September 2013. Since it is currently uncontrolled in most jurisdictions, diclazepam is being marketed as a legal alternative to etizolam. Diclazepam is sold on-line by ‘headshops’ or ‘research chemical’ vendors, primarily as white, 1mg pellets and less frequently as purple 2mg pellets. It is available to purchase for as little as €1 per pellet, and quantities of up to 100,000 pellets have been promoted on-line. The metabolism of diclazepam has not yet been established, but delorazepam is believed to be the active metabolite through N-demethylation.


Chiron AS are pleased to be the first to offer this substance as an analytical reference standard for use by clinical and forensic laboratories