Chiron legally producing Carfentanyl

Carfentanyl is an ultra-potent synthetic opioid. It is the most powerful opioid commercially available, being 10,000 times stronger than morphine and 100 times more potent than fentanyl. It can be fatal in the low to sub milligram range. Carfentanyl is not approved for human use, but is instead intended for use in veterinary practice, to rapidly incapacitate large animals.

Carfentanyl is now being legally produced by chemists from Chiron in Trondheim, Norway in order to improve their knowledge of this deadly substance.  Chiron specialises in making Reference Standards for use in analytical testing in the drug environment. The company is the only one in Norway and possibly in Europe legally producing this substance. Chiron is now involved in a EU project where they have been assigned the task of investigating the production of New Psychoactive Substances for use in Forensic Science and Toxicology.

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