Toxicology analysis


Toxicology is the study of the adverse effects of chemicals, such as alcohol, drugs and poisons, on living organisms, including detection, measurement, interpretation and treatment. There are a wide range of disciplines within the field of toxicology, such as therapeutic drug monitoring, clinical toxicology, forensic toxicology (drug driving, criminal and coroners), drugs in sport and work-place drug testing.

Accurate and traceable results are vital for all disciplines to ensure correct identification, the highest standard of treatment, legally defensible prosecution or other important application. Chiron offer a wide range of drug and metabolite standards in powder and solution. In addition to native materials, we also have an impressive range of stable isotopically-labelled internal standards, including a particular focus on carbon 13 labelled materials, considered the ‘gold standard’ for forensic analysis. Chiron recognises that the drug scene is rapidly evolving and we pride ourselves on being quick to react to trends, resulting in us being ‘first to market’ with many New Psychoactive Substances.