Here you can search for Product Information Sheets (PIS) and Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for your Chiron branded product(s).

In this database you will find the most recent versions of the documents. That means that the version you find here might contain new information - such as updated re-test or expiry date - as compared to the version you originally received with your order. Therefore we recommend you check for updates when your product is nearing expiry.

All Chiron products have a 4 or 5-digit batch / lot number stated on the label of the container. This is the number that is used for your reference material document search.

  • 1. Enter the batch number for product in the box below
    (If your product has a 4 digit batch number please add a 0 in front.)
  • 2. After entering the batch number select ‘Download’ to access the document

The database is under continuous revision. If you are unable to locate the document for your product here, then please contact us at: and we will send you a copy.