BMF 75 - Benzodiazepines | Volume 3, July 2023

Volume 3 of BMF 75 - Benzodiazepines has been updated with the newest additions and is available to download now!  

Benzodiazepines are a common class of prescription medication. They are used therapeutically for a number of applications, including control of epilepsy, reducing anxiety, as adjuncts to anaesthesia, to treat insomnia, and for alcohol withdrawal.


Benzodiazepines are also one of the most frequently abused class of drugs. An expanding range of new, designer benzodiazepines now supplement prescription only forms, and have exacerbated concerns regarding their misuse and addiction.


Chiron's latest issue of  BMF 75  provides awareness of the applications, concerns and regulations associated with Benzodiazepines and introduces the available analytical standards to monitor their use.


Download BMF 75 - Benzodiazepines, Volume 3 here.