Toxicology Reference Material, Edition 2

Edition 2 of our Toxicology catalog is out now (November 2017)

Toxicology covers a wide range of disciplines, including therapeutic drug monitoring, clinical toxicology, forensic toxicology (drug driving, criminal and coroners), drugs in sport and workplace drug testing, as well as academia and research. Those working in the field have a professional
interest in the detection and measurement of alcohol, drugs, poisons and their breakdown products in biological samples, together with the interpretation of these measurements.
Abuse and misuse of drugs is one of the biggest problems facing our society today. Acute poisoning remains one of the commonest medical emergencies, accounting for 10-20% of hospital admissions for general medicine [Dargan & Jones, 2001]. Many offenders charged with violent crimes, or victims of violent crime may have been under the influence of drugs at the time the act was committed. The use of mind-altering drugs in the workplace, or whilst in control of a motor vehicle places others in danger [Drummer, 2001]. Performance enhancing drugs in sport make for an uneven playing field and distract from the core ethic of sportsmanship.
Patterns of drug abuse around the world are constantly evolving. They vary between geographies; from one country to another and even from region to region or population to population within countries. With a European presence, a wide reaching network of global customers and
distributors, and active participation in relevant professional societies, Chiron is well positioned to develop and deliver relevant, and current standards to meet customer demand in this challenging field.


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