New Product Issue 1, 2022

Sourcing reference materials can be challenging at times! At Chiron, we have a portfolio of over 15,000 unique compounds to choose from and additionally offer a custom sourcing and synthesis service.

In our latest product flyer, we're again highlighting over 100 new additions, including a number of products produced via our European Union Horizon 2020 co-funded Eurostars projects and Innovative Training Networks (ITN):Our synthetic cannabinoid additions are dominated by the new oxizid series. Meanwhile we are starting to increase our focus on the rising trend of synthetic analogues of naturally occurring cannabinoids. Ask us for more information!

PFAS form the bulk of our new environmental offerings, and akin to their persistence in the environment is likely to remain a prominent feature in future editions. Pesticides are another expending part of our portfolio.


Download the latest edition here.